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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sabath Day

Today I went to Church and had a great time learning from wonderful
people. Brother and Sister Bradley taught us about the Priesthood, David
taught our Temple Preparation class and Sister Garcia gave a wonderful
lesson at the Relief Society. I cried buckets as always.

Did you know I cry a lot? I am probably one of the woman in the world that cries
more than anybody else. I cry when I am sad, hurt, scared, happy,
surprised, when someone tells me a great joke and I laugh really hard
and especially when I feel the Holy Ghost. I cry almost every single
Sunday at Church.

I had a RS meeting after the meetings and got home at 2pm, since I had to feed the missionaries, I took an one hour nap and got up to cook.

I made Brazilian strognoff, jasmine rice, green salad and Coconut pie and passion fruit mousse for dessert. I love feeding the missionaries because they always eat anything I make and
they tell me that it was really yummy. We have sisters and Elders in our
ward right now. They are wonderful, the sisters are so sweet and they
all work really hard. We have been having a lot of baptisms lately.

Before going home, the missionaries shared this video with us, I think you NEED to watch it!!

I am going to relax and rest for the week. My week will be crazy and
super busy, I leave to Europe on Saturday and I didn't even started to

Have a great Sunday!

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Paty Noel said...

Yay, vc voltou! :)

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